Internet Research 11

Apesar do atraso – que prejudica principalmente o pedido/captação de verbas para ida ao evento – recebi ontem o aceite (e os pareceres favoráveis) ao painel que organizei para a IR11Internet Research 11.0. Essa conferência, uma das maiores sobre pesquisa a respeito de Internet (a partir de um ponto de vista multidisciplinar) acontecerá de 21 a 23 de Outubro em Gotemburgo na Suécia. Abaixo a proposta do painel.
You Tube and entertainment industries
Since You Tube has been created and launched in the middle of the 00 decade of the 21st century, its impact either on-line and offline has been huge on the entertainment industries (musical, audiovisual, gaming, etc) due to its social effects, user approprations and creations, legal, ethics and economic issues and so on. From its begginning in 2005 up to now, there´s been a great amount of research and public discussions about its role and impact on many levels of society (from academics to marketing professionals,from journalists to CEOs from movies, televion and music business and also consumers). In this Panel called “You Tube and entertainment industries” we propose to discuss some of this issues through a variety of disciplines, theoretical approaches, critical practices and methodologies in order to analyze and understand You Tube as an online plataform, cultural artifact where the practices and usages of material audiovisual products have been appropriated for many communicational and social functions that reconfigurates crucial aspects of media and entertainment models.In order to discuss this object in many ways we´ve divided the panel in two different sessions (that can be split into two different panels organized by two different researchers)

Adriana Amaral (UTP, BRA), Simone de Sá & Ariane Holzbach (UFF,BRA), Henry Siling Li (Queensland University of Technology, Aus), Olaniran, Bolanle (Texas Tech University, USA)
The first session of the panel is called – “You Tube – Co-creation practices, performance and the ethics of usage” and its main purpose is to discuss different kinds of investigations about You Tube in a context that considers four different models and concepts of understanding this socio-technical object:
1) a “Wiki model” that considers the role of co-creation and the importance of communities of practice that are engajed in creating critical parody videos, having the video “The War of Internet Addiction” – a spoof from MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) that was created to criticize Chinese Internet censorship – as a case of study;
2) the comprehension of the site as an online musical plataform an also as a musical recommendation system (You Tube Music Discovery Project) that allow fan practices of collecting and curating audiovisual and sound materials of their favorite artists. These appropriations made by music fans and audiences such as the “embbed” feature discussion are related to the own spreadability character of the information uploaded on the site;
3) the notion and the importance of performance in the transmission of musical events and concerts, using U2´s live concert shown at You Tube in 2009 (as also its convergence with Twitter) to discuss it as a model of “computer mediated performance” where the reconfiguration of the audience´s role is allowed to participative culture;
4) as an hybrid model of uses that constitutes a transition phenomenom of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 that shows a content and audience movement from information search to entertainment and learning platforms that presents arguments regarding ethical usage since we can find legal and illegal copies of audiovisual materials, which causes na ethical debate that goes further the polarization between free culture versus copyright culture.
SESSION 2 – Vinicius Andrade Pereira (UERJ/ESPM, BRA), Arnt Maasø (University of Oslo, NOR) e Erick Felinto (UERJ, BRA)
The second subdivision of the panel proposed is “You Tube and the entertainment industry 2 – the remediated languages and aesthetics of sound and audiovisuality” . This second session of the panel is focused solely on the aspects concerning narratives, audiovisual languages, sound, and aesthetics of the vídeos uploaded at You Tube by their users. The emphasis rely on three main bias:
1) tendencies and dynamics of audiovisual languages and techniques that constitutes lower cost viral videos, specially used by advertising industry;
2) on the nature and aesthetics of sound and images that are presented in amateur productions with its usages, genres and conventions that were related to the beggining of the Sound Film by the late 20s and early 30s of the 20th century;
3) on the study of Spoofing, described and characterized as one of the many kinds of poetics that are central elements on the aesthetics of contemporary culture of technology, proposing a spoof taxonomy based on the relationship of the parody video with its original.
We consider those characteristics of audiovisual languages and aesthetics as an experience that can be easily accessed throughout the video content posted on You Tube by its users either IF its a viral video, a spoof or a musical video, and so on.

Meu artigo se chama “Embedded Culture and musical trophies: You Tube as a musical plataform”.


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  1. · maio 6, 2010

    Estou passando nos blogs e sites da antiga Campanha GLBT pedindo para, quem puder, incorporar o vídeo que eu participei na Manhã Gazeta com o tema "Saindo do Armário" e mostrar ele para seus leitores e amigos. Se puder ajudar, ótimo. Se não, tudo bem também. Não quero atrapalhar "suas pautas" ou o "tema do seu blog". Ta bom? Mais info aqui:

  2. aline naomi · maio 8, 2010

    IUHUUU! Suécia! Mandy vai morrer de inveja! Haha! Uma banda que vocês adoram é de lá, né? Agora esqueci o nome…

  3. aline naomi · maio 8, 2010

    Obs: coisa meio inútil, mas a única palavra que sei de cor em sueco é "puss" (beijo). Um amigo sueco se despede assim em todos os e-mails que manda pra mim(e eu também, nos e-mails que mando para ele =D).

  4. Adriana Amaral · maio 8, 2010

    ALINE: é o Covenant que nós curtimos 🙂

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