CFP: Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change

Mais um call for papers imperdível que fiquei sabendo através da lista Mediaanthro. Um dos Keynote speakers é nada menos do que o Dick Hebdige, autor seminal para os estudos de subculturas que publicou o clássico Subculture, the meaning of style. E a organização conta com Paul Hodkinson, um dos maiores especialistas em subcultura gótica da Inglaterra 😉 O deadline de envio de resumos é 20 de Maio.

CFP: Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change

Thursday 15th – Friday 16th Sept 2011
London Metropolitan University, London, UK.

Style-based subcultures, scenes and tribes along with their music
genres  have pulsated through the history of social, economic and
political change. From 1940s zoot-suiters and hepcats; through 1950s rock
n rollers, beatniks and Teddy boys; 1960s surfers, rudeboys, mods,
hippies and bikers; 1970s skinheads, soul boys, rastas, glam rockers,
funksters and punks; on to the heavy metal, hip-hop, casual, goth, rave and
clubber styles of the 1980s, 90s, noughties and beyond; distinctive blends of
fashion and music have become a defining feature of the cultural landscape.
Research into these phenomena has traversed the social sciences and
humanities, and this symposium aims to bring together recent studies, insights
and methodological approaches in this rich, interdisciplinary field.

Featuring contributions both from major scholars and eminent commentators, the
symposium seeks to explore the historical and cultural significance of
subcultural styles and their related music genres. Bringing together
theoretical analyses, empirical studies and methodological discussions, it
will explore the relation between subcultures and their historical context,
the place of subcultures within patterns of cultural and political change, and
their meaning for participants, confederates and opponents. As well as
Anglo-American developments, the symposium aims to consider experiences across
a variety of global sites and locales, giving reference to issues such as
class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, creativity, commerce, identity,
resistance and deviance.

The symposium marks the launch of the Subcultures Network: The
Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music and
Social Change – a cross-disciplinary research network for scholars and
students interested in the relation between subcultures (in all their forms)
wider process of social, cultural and political change. Additional information
about the Subcultures Network can be found at –

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Prof. Dick Hebdige (UC Santa Barbara)

Prof. David Hesmondhalgh (University of Leeds)

Roundtable Discussion:

Richard Barnes
(author, Mods!; Mod: Clean Living Under Very Difficult Circumstances – A Very
British Phenomenon; The “Who”: Maximum R & B – A Visual History)

Pauline Black
(singer (The Selecter), actress, author, Black by Design: A 2-Tone Memoir)

Caroline Coon
(artist, journalist, political activist, author 1998: The New Wave Punk Rock

Paul Gorman
(journalist, director, creative consultant, fashion label owner, author, The
Look: Adventures In Pop & Rock Fashion; In Their Own Write: Adventures In The
Music Press; Straight (with Boy George))

Key thematic strands of the conference include:
•     the nature and meaning of ‘subcultural’ style.
•     the relationship between subcultures, popular music and social change.
•     gender, identity and subcultural groups.
•     ethnicity, ‘race’ and subcultural identities.
•     sexuality, style and subculture.
•     globalisation, locality and subcultural hybridity.
•     media configurations of subcultures, scenes and tribes.
•     style, popular music and political movements.

We invite papers and themed panels which investigate these and other areas of
interest from a wide range of theoretical positions and disciplines including:
sociology, history, cultural studies, criminology, media studies, music
studies, politics, psychology.

Titles and abstract (no longer than 250 words) to be submitted no later than
Friday May 20th 2011.  Email:

Symposium Venue:

London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road, London, N7 8DB, UK.

How to find London Metropolitan University –

The organisers

Jon Garland (University of Leicester)
Keith Gildart (University of Wolverhampton)
Paul Hodkinson (University of Surrey)
Bill Osgerby (London Metropolitan University)
Lucy Robinson (University of Sussex)
John Street (University of East Anglia),
Pete Webb (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Matt Worley (University of Reading).


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