CfP Internet Research 13.0: Technologies

Já saiu a chamada para envio de trabalhos para o congresso anual da Aoir. Esse ano o evento acontecerá na University of Salford, Greater Manchester, no Reino Unido durante os dias 18 a 21 de Outubro de 2012. O deadline esse ano já vem ampliado para o dia 01 de Março de 2012 (normalmente costumava ser em fevereiro). A temática central do congresso nesse ano são as tecnologias em geral.

Informações completas e normas em

The 13th Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)

Internet Research 13.0 will focus on the theme of technologies, understood in the broadest sense as crafts, techniques, and systems. The conference will examine the place of the Internet in the contemporary world and in relation to a range of existing and emerging technologies, considering its impact in a context where life is entangled with technologies of all kinds as never before. The conference will bring together scholars, researchers, students and practitioners from many disciplines to map and situate the development of the Internet as part of the history of human technology.

To this end, we call for papers, panel and pre-conference workshop proposals from any discipline, methodology, community or a combination of them that address the conference themes, including, but not limited to, papers that intersect and/or interconnect with the following:

  • the speed and acceleration of technological change
the past, present and future of technology
  • emerging and converging technologies
  • educational technology
  • cultures of crafting
  • connectivity and access
  • space, location and mobile technologies
  • technology, networks and attachments
technology and the body
technologies of the self
  • technology, regulation and ethics



Submissions Due: 1 March 2012 (Papers, Panels and Pre-Workshops. Details below.)
  NOTE: The submission deadline is a HARD DEADLINE; there will be NO extensions to this date.
    • Notification: 1 May 2012
    • Full Papers Submissions Due for inclusion in Selected Papers of IR: 1 July 2012
    • Ignite-IR Final Proposal Deadline: 1 August 2012
    • Ignite-IR Slides Due: 15 September 2012

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